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ANX International : the Blockchain Technology Expert

Ken Lo, CEO & Co-founder
Technology is an ever evolving beast which has been helping various industries to stay ahead in today’s time of heightened market competition and customer expectations. The BFSI industry however had however fallen back in this race to adopt revolutionary technology trends. Stuck in the rut with traditional methodologies which are not only obsolete but are also labor intensive, require constant monitoring, is highly time consuming, and increase the overall cost by decreasing the profit margins. It is high time that the BFSI domain takes the leap and embraces revolutionary technologies, one of them being the blockchain technology. ANX INTERNATIONAL, a FinTech company, with core vision on making digital asset easy and accessible, has risen to the challenge is today helping companies by merging blockchain technologies with traditional payment networks in the new digital assets ecosystem.

Along with the industry’s interest in investing in blockchain technology, the potency that the technology holds at its core, triggered Ken Lo, the CEO and Co-founder of ANX INTERNATIONAL to foray into revamping the financial industry. Talking about the potency and utility that Blockchain technology holds, Ken says, “In blockchain, information is stored in blocks that record all transactions ever done through the network. Hence, it allows validating both the existence of assets to be traded and ownership.” Blockchain goes beyond and can store value (money, digital assets, stocks, bonds, etc) securely. It therefore, holds the potential to transform everything from the financial services industry to governments.

Making Digital Assets Easy And Accessible

The Hong Kong based FinTech company has hard-wired innovation into its DNA since its inception in 2013 and has invested in digital assets and veteran expertise in financial technology. The company has positioned itself as a front runner with one of the most robust and advanced cloud platform “ANX Blockchain Services (ABS)” to help clients harness the advantages of blockchain technology. ABS offers free and tailored client-configurable solutions at zero pocket pinch, with zero requirement of any software installation, ensuring 100 percent self service and most importantly, offering complete security.
Clients can create their applications in quick include loyalty applications, payment applications, token systems, voucher systems, coupon applications, and registry systems.

The company has become the one‐stop shop which provides Software-as-a-service (SaaS) to its clients include digital assets creation, digital wallet services, digital assets exchange platforms, digital assets debit cards, online transaction acquiring services, managed services, consultancy and advisory services.

ANX INTERNATIONAL has positioned itself as a front runner with one of the most robust and advanced cloud platform 'ANX Blockchain Services'to help clients harness the advantages of blockchain technology

Beckon Financial Industry in Future

ANX is the world’s first company to offer solutions such as the self-service ABS platform; digital assets debit card, fully featured ANX VAULT mobile wallet for digital assets to physical digital asset ATM and retail store. The promising solutions have helped organizations from B2B, SME and Banking & Financial industry to put their trust in ANX. The company has also been recognized by more than 300 worldwide press including Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC and Yahoo! Finance. The exclusive Blockchain services have also earned ANX some of the most prestigious awards and titles, ranging from winning the title of “Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies” (2015) to earning awards from globally established organizations like Yahoo! Finance (2016), Cloud Expo Asia (2016), Bloomberg Technology (2016) and The Merkle (2016). Today, there are 1 million users worldwide are using various products and services powered by ANX technology. Moving forward, ANX would continuously penetrate developing countries where many people are unbanked and do not have access to financial services, which represents huge opportunities for blockchain technology. The young organization is now moving ahead to gain technological advancements and a stronger market hold at the national and global scale.

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