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Applied Micro Technology: Taking Banking Technology to Newer Heights or the Purveyors of the Loan Quality Assurance System

Chris Crawford, President
The advent of Micro processors in the late 60s set ablaze a technology revolution that would transform modern day life. The impact of this transformation was also felt across the banking industry While banking has not changed much, the ways its services are delivered and consumed have changed drastically. Long gone are the times when people had to wait in queues to address their monetary needs. Today monetary transactions have been set into over drive with results occurring at lighting fast speeds. A firm that has been contributing to this factor in the banking sector for the past three decades is Texas based Applied Micro Technology, Inc. (AMT).

Established during a time when finding finance related information meant going to several places and manually getting the job done, AMT’s pursuits were focused towards building a single system that would be linked to everything from documentation tracking to valuation and loan grading by accessing information in one place, thereby eliminating the need for several systems. Thirty years of R&D and three million dollars towards this end led to the conception of the Loan Quality Assurance System or LQAS, a system developed to supplement any bank’s core systems to closely monitor their loan and deposit portfolios. It’s function therein revolves around the automation of loan data related processes pertaining to documentation, such as Document tracking and Document imaging which enable banks to have complete control over systems and aid them in maintaining a clean loan portfolio.

LQAS also helps banks to keep track of everything, which enables banks to respond to their regulators in seconds as opposed to earlier when it used to take days.

Due to the highly sensitive and delicate nature of the projects LQAS is used on, AMT always runs a tight ship while delivering and maintaining this technology and subjects it to rigorous internal testing before implementing it in the clients’ system. LQAS’s coding enables it to merge with existing systems and applications used by banks and partake in the documentation and valuation of data both past and present while monitoring the process as well. “LQAS has over a hundred tables that contain some information from the core, other outside systems such as stock pricing and UCC filing systems and minimal additional information entered by the back office. These tables contain over three thousand fields of information to properly and completely monitor the portfolio of our clients,” elaborates ChrisCrawford, President, AMT. These features have either been incorporated by AMT them selves or have been created at the request of their clients which are also available to all clients via update. The system is populated by using a core download and each department inputs required information into LQAS instead of several other systems in the bank. Once loaded all areas of the system work together to find and monitor possible problems in the portfolio as well as give management reporting not available from any other system in seconds.

Loan Quality AssuranceSystem or LQAS, a system developed to supplement any bank’s core systems to closely monitor their loan and deposit portfolios

LQAS innovative nature has led the development of the LQAS app for iPad which facilitates mobility in its use. Since its official release, the LQAS app has only received positive reviews owing to the ease of access (as though the bank itself were coming to you) it offers. LQAS is currently installed in United States banks nationwide ranging in size from thirty million to over two trillion in assets.

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