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Capital Banking Solutions: Providing Integrated Banking Software Solutions to Banks and Financial Institutions

Samer Hanna, CEO and Chairman
Information technology has proved to be one of the key facilitators for transformation of the banking Industry. It has enabled banks to move towards smart and global banking with increased usage of technology and technology-based services. This transformation has been possible with the efforts of technology solution providers who have accompanied these financial institutions in their journey of growth. One such technology enabler that has significantly astonished the market with its suite of integrated and modular products for banks is Capital Banking Solutions. As a leading provider of end-to-end integrated banking software solutions, the company serves businesses across Europe, Africa, Middle East and America.
It brings an extensive product portfolio which comprises of software solutions for retail, corporate and private banks along with financial institutions.

New York based Capital Banking Solutions carries a legacy of banking expertise coupled with proven software systems and a comprehensive portfolio of professional services. It provides customized solutions for everything ranging from consultancy to development, customization, migration, integration, and training & support. The company has also been ranked amongst the top vendors by IBS Intelligence for its innovative software solutions for banking sector. It has also had a track record of serving over 200 customers worldwide including Bank Audi, Bank of Africa, Banco Saba dell, Credit Suisse, Rothschild, and Iraqi Middle East Investment Bank among others. Additionally, the Capital Banking Solutions team has been making every possible move to enter global business scenario. One of its efforts in this direction was its merger with AdTek Information Systems, Inc. and Intell Eval to form a global organization and expand its reach. The company has vigorous expansion plans for the future and envisions addressing the challenges of banking industry with its software solutions.

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