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Devbridge Group: Accelerating Digital Landscape

Martin Stasaitis, CEO
In this modern digital era where the software industry is in bloom, organizations continuously seek for trustworthy partners to expand innovations and break from the mediocrity. In this light, a Chicago-based technology consultancy, DevBridge Group was founded in 2008. The DevBridge Group ever since, extends its services to leading partners from the manufacturing, technology and financial services industries. Under the financial services industry, by merging User Experience with engineering and utilizing an agile methodology approach, the DevBridge Group designs and develops digital products and software that innovate and propel organizations furthermore to success.
Aurimas Adomavicius, President of DevBridge Group says, “Our toolkit of cooking herbs includes research, user testing, persona analysis, heuristic analysis, rapid prototyping, user experience, quality assurance strategy, architecture design, and development - services that we interweave throughout the delivery lifecycle.”

In the financial services industry, the DevBridge Group ensures tier 1 banks with consistent innovative web and mobile banking application experiences, world over. The group also develop products that help clients visualize and make decisions based on financial data by providing services such as advisory portals and trading portals. Its products comprise of a robust yet flexible architecture design that includes both security and performance. Others services include workflow automation, lending automation and education and learning services. The DevBridge Group has made it to the INC 5000 list consistently for four years and has also listed on Chicago's 101 best and brightest companies to work for in 2014 and 2015, to name a few. The DevBridge Group works closely with its customers and clients to ensure that their business needs are attained. With this outcome, the DevBridge Group has steadily expanded to Toronto, Vilnius and Kaunas.

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