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Suit LLC: Leaping Ahead in Analytics Space

Gerard M. Galluscio, Founder and Managing Partner
Amid the abrupt Technological advancement across industries, the banking sector is under constant pressure to avert risk and achieve regulatory compliance. So to cope with this, financial organizations must get their hands on the right data sets to take informed and beneficial decision, enforcing banking enterprises to analyze silos of data to efficiently streamline their processes. A prominent Organization working in this segment, incepted in 2001, is Suit LLC. The New York, NY, based Suit LLC provide analytics for the pricing and risk management of fixed income cash products, fixed income derivatives and credit derivatives.
Its analytics empower customers to aggregate market risk from multiple asset classes, trading desks and investment strategies. Besides, the Company also offers customized software implementations, independent valuation services and portfolio stress testing. By sharing the source code of the program that calculate clients risk and valuation, Suit LLC maintains transparency in its processes.

Its flagship software product—ALib— is a proven set of financial analytic functions for pricing and risk management of fixed-income and credit derivatives products. ALib performs identically both in Excel-Addins and API. It is thread-safe and operates efficiently among all common operating environments including Windows, Linux, Solaris, Sun/OS and MacOS. So far, Suit LLC has served clients from multiple industries including top-tier banks, data-providers, ECN's/online trading platforms, outsourced service providers, hedge funds, and small community banks. In future, by constantly abiding by its approach of ‘well designed, real world complexities, consistency and openness’, Suit LLC intends to continue empowering customer’s efficiency.


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