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Ulster Savings Bank: Imbuing Traditional Values Back to Banking

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William C. Calderara, Ulster-Savings-Bank, President & CEOWilliam C. Calderara, President & CEO
What makes Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America a great leader? For some, it might be his prowess in taking down opponents or the ability to stay calm in adverse situations. However, for many people, it is the fact that he brings back the traditional values in today’s time to create a perfect blend of modernity and interpersonal warmth. Although William C. Calderara, president and CEO of Ulster Savings Bank, is not a superhero who fights intergalactic warlords, he offers incredible leadership skills with a touch of empathy to the current banking landscape. With this personalized touch in technology-driven banking processes, his organization, Ulster, has been able to win over many corporate clients.

One of Ulster Savings Bank’s clients, a recently-opened bakery in Kingston, NY, was amazed by its banking services. While the bakery only approached Ulster for a business loan, the bank continued arranging regular meetings with the bakery, in an attempt to understand how their business was growing. Based on that information, Ulster advised different financial strategies, customized solutions, and pre-approved loans for the bakery. The startup owner even received emails from the bank regarding various financial regulations with their detailed explanations. Soon the relationship between the bank and the bakery moved beyond a business loan. For the bakery, Ulster became the one-stop destination for all their banking solutions. They also merged the bakery’s employee payroll accounts with the bank’s insurance services as the business expanded. Calderara says, “Helping our clients beyond their needs has been our forte. So we always take proactive steps to ensure our client’s success at all times.”

Despite being a 168-year-old mutual savings bank with traditional products like deposit, loans, and commercial insurance products, Ulster is not out of its time.

Being a mutual savings bank, fostering an intimate relationship with the community is the top priority for us, and all our services are built on top of that

The bank has dedicated teams for investments and wealth management, payroll processing, tax preparation, and bookkeeping. Under Calderara’s able leadership, the bank has also participated in the recent trend of digitalization. Today, Ulster has added services like remote deposit capture, mobile wallet services, and a personal debit card management tool to its deck of leading-edge banking solutions. “We have the full gauntlet of products and services for all of our customers’ financial needs,” quips Calderara.

The holistic banking services offered by the bank have already earned them a spot on the pedestal of trusted banking partners in the corporate landscape. For corporate clients, the bank takes extra measures to help them meet their unplanned business needs with pre-approved loans. Also, Ulster offers financial knowledge to its customers to help them comply with different regulations. Any Ulster customer can have access to information on regulation and leverage that in its business operation. Finally, the bank offers additional services like a ‘bank at work,’ program with discount offers that the clients can use as a complimentary benefit for their employees, at almost no extra cost.

Rated Bauer Financial 5-star (an independent, unbiased bank and credit union analysis) for the bank’s remarkable financial stability, Ulster Savings shares their continued success with their customers and their community.

Ulster participates in various philanthropy programs and provides financial aid. In 2018, the bank donated $450,000 to different non-profits throughout their community. Emphasizing the idea of an altruist mindset, Calderara says, “Being a mutual savings bank, fostering an intimate relationship with the community is the top priority for us, and all our services are built on top of that.”
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New York City, NY

William C. Calderara, President & CEO

Ulster Savings Bank is a mutual savings bank with 168 years of service to the community. Headquartered in Kingston, NY, Ulster Savings Bank has locations throughout the Hudson Valley. The bank serves the needs of individuals and small businesses with a diverse menu of products and services and the latest banking technology like in-branch, online and mobile banking, residential and commercial mortgages consumer loans and lines of credit Investments and retirement planning, home, auto and business insurance, tax preparation, and payroll processing

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